Who to talk to, where to start?

It’s an exciting moment when you can build the home of your own, just the way you like it.

Even more importantly, your site may not be suitable for a regular, off the shelf solution.
Building your custom home is easier than you think & it’s something we excel in.


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Step One : Consult


It’s simple and easy to get started.

We start by having a talk about your vision and ideas. We review the land to see what can work, the available budget and timeline.

If you haven’t already done so, we can get your building design drafted and ready for final pricing and budgeting.

We read through the contract and discuss such things as Provisional Sum items and landscaping and ensure all concerns are met and possibilities covered.

Step Two : Begin


At this point it’s ready to get started.

Your warranty has been lodged and we are ready for the first draw down.

All specified stages and payments are outlined in  your contract and it’s en exciting time to see something concrete.

It is important to remember at this time there is paperwork that needs to be lodged and delays can often occur due to weather if building in QLD in the stormy season.

Section clearing, slab and plumbing is all underway.

Step Three : Middle


The walls begin to appear! 

It’s a bit deceptive while your home is just framework and wondering through the beams can be an emotional journey.

It’s worth a visit and a photo, the before and after shots have to be seen to be believed.

Walls, roof, internal walls and flooring, tiling are all being installed.

Step Four : End


Visually, dramatic changes slow down.

Final touches are added to bathrooms, fixtures, grouting.

Outside, the paint and/or render is completed.

A builders clean is done. Final inspections and tweaking is done to ensure things are settling in the way they should.

Step Five : Handover


Exterior landscaping, driveway and any garden structures are added.

Your final inspection is done and you are ready to move into your new home.

We are back to visit a week later and again after that.

Your home is covered by our Admire Homes guarantee as well as by QBCC for 7 years for peace of mind.